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Customer Service

So, you’re ready to discuss mobility scooters. You know all about how they will improve your quality of life, and help you live the independent lifestyle you crave. Why choose Canada Scooters though? We are dedicated to helping our clients find the scooter to fit their lifestyle and their mobility needs. Call us today to request a FREE Information and Safety Package!

Repair Services

Canada Scooters offers FREE in-home house calls at no charge to our valued clients. We can come to your home, pick up your scooter, and return it right to your door conveniently, and promptly! If your tires need more air, or if you feel your battery might need replacing, give us a call at no charge!

Scooter Specialists

Our specialty is quality, mobility products. We are proud of our reputation for reliable products with superior performance, and we work hard to surpass our client’s expectations! Instead of carrying medical devices, or hospital hardware we focus solely on mobility products.

What You Can Expect

Every single scooter comes fully loaded. There is no “base price.” What you want, is what you get. Each scooter includes the batteries, basket, bumpers, front and rear lights, armrests, and charger. At Canada Scooters, you don’t pay for the extras.


We believe in our products so strongly that we offer Double the Manufacturer’s Warranty. Each scooter is accompanied with a warranty against defect or failure, with up to a 5 Year Guarantee, depending on the product. See more information on our Warranty Page.