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Accessible Living Posts - Categorized Under Home Accessibility

Ramps and Railings

It isn't uncommon for people to find that a home that they have lived in for a number of years, suddenly becomes unsafe or hazardous to live in. Most housing plans don't take into consideration the special needs of the elderly. Indoor spaces that may have worked perfectly well when you were younger may not provide the same level of comfort and safety as you age. Most homes just don't have the conveniences and features appropriate for safe movement for the elderly.

Bathtub Renovations

If you have ever slipped in a tub or on wet bathroom titles, you know exactly how dangerous this room can be especially for the elderly that have trouble with balance, coordination, frailty, and vision. Sometimes the elderly in a home may be weak or frail from a recent illness or may also suffer from debilitating diseases that impact their vision and balance. This makes them more prone to having accidents at home, especially in the bathroom spaces. The one way to reduce the risk of falls is to create safe zones for your loved ones.