Ramps and Railings

Slips and Falls are Common Occurrences with the Elderly

It isn't uncommon for people to find that a home that they have lived in for a number of years, suddenly becomes unsafe or hazardous to live in. Most housing plans don't take into consideration the special needs of the elderly. Indoor spaces that may have worked perfectly well when you were younger may not provide the same level of comfort and safety as you age. Most homes just don't have the conveniences and features appropriate for safe movement for the elderly.

Two-story homes provide sufficient space for a family. But with advanced age, using the stairs to reach the upper stories of a home becomes a challenge. Staircases aren't the only areas that pose problems; there are many other spots in a home that become unsafe for the elderly to walk on. This is also why slips and falls are common occurrences with the elderly.

Today a number of people opt for mechanical chairlifts that can be installed on staircases. However, the structure of some homes does not permit the installation of these features while at others, a chair lift may not fit into the person's budget. In such situations, it becomes a good idea to install ramps and railings at strategic locations in and outside the house.

There are a number of different considerations and aspects that need to be kept in view while getting ramps and railings installed for the elderly.

Ramps for the Elderly

Ramps are excellent installations that allow individuals in wheelchairs to move up a short flight of steps. However, their specifications need to be chosen very carefully; these are some of the aspects we focus on:

  • Make sure that they have the right incline, so that leaves, snow, or ice don't pose a skidding or slipping hazard.
  • Ramps that are going to be installed in outdoor spaces should be built from concrete or metal rather than timber.
  • Ensure that handrails are affixed to both sides of the ramps, and the surface of the ramp is non-slippery


Homes that have elderly people living in them need to have proper railings installed along staircases. In addition to this, the recommendation is that railings and grab bars should be installed on walls adjacent to floors that are covered with tiles, concrete or smooth polished stone. Our team can design and install code-compliant outdoor and indoor stair railings. These sturdy and resilient railings significantly reduce the risk of slippages in and around the home. If you have a very wide staircase, install strong handrails on both sides of it to provide added support while climbing.

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