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I agree with the term amazing. I ended up having to rent a scooter for two months after an injury didn't heal properly. The staff was not only super friendly but accommodating above and beyond any reasonable expectation. They will be my first choice for sure when I need a scooter in my 'Old Age'.

Jim and Chris Newton
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These guys are amazing !!! The customer service is the best... my son and I highly recommend them... :)

Debra Mccomb
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I had sent a client of mine to this business to take a look at a scooter or two as his health has not been well and needs assistance getting around. The service was outstanding, the product at a very fair price and now he travels through out the city freely. The staff was amazing and very helpful.

Scott Attrill
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Friendly staff and amazing support.

Love CanadaEh
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My wife and I live on Bainbridge Island, WA. We hosted both of our families this past week. The whirlwind of activity began with dinner the evening of Friday, July 14th. We confirmed at that time we wanted to visit Victoria, BC on Monday, July 17th, but we were concern with my wife's 76 year old mother. A lot of walking would be involved with visiting Victoria, and this would diminish my mother-in-law's ability to fully enjoy herself. I did a web search and discovered Canada Scooters. I sent an inquiry through their contact form (I believe late Friday evening). I did not expect a response since the weekend had already begun. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from Nathan on Saturday morning, confirming the availability of a mobility scooter, pricing, and the ability to deliver to the ferry terminal. This was wonderful. It took me until Sunday mid-day to respond to Nathan, confirming our plans and confirming our desire to rent a scooter on Monday, July 17th. This is all it took, a few simple and short emails. We arrived in Victoria and as we exited the ferry Nathan was right there with our scooter. Less than 5 minutes later my mother-in-law was behind the controls of a mobility scooter and our family's visit to Victoria was underway. My mother-in-law had a thoroughly enjoyable time, made possible by the scooter, and the scooter was made possible by Nathan. At the end of the day dropping off the scooter at the ferry terminal took even less time. I am not sure I have had a more perfect customer service experience. Thank you Nathan! You made an entire family quite happy.

Robert Williams