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Axis UL 8 Electric Powerchair

Axis UL 8 Electric Powerchair

MSRP: $3195

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Axis UL 8 Electric Powerchair a compact, rear-wheel drive, steel framed, rigid, electric wheelchair. Suitable primarily for indoor use. Designed to be dismantled for transportation.


  • Easy as 1-2-3 to disassemble
  • Charger Included with batteries
  • Only Available in Red
  • Motor: 2x0.45HP
  • Speed: 6KPH/3.9MPH
  • Battery: 1x24AH
  • Tire: F6” R8”
  • 24V Charger: 2AMP/HR
  • Driving Distance: 14km/9m
  • Turning Radius: 395mm/15.5”
  • Dimensions: 30x21.5x32
  • Safe Climb Degrees: 8°/14%