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All Terrain Cane

All Terrain Cane

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All Terrain Cane four retractable stainless steel spikes with cane tip provide a sturdy grip on slippery surfaces for stability in virtually any terrain or climate. People with reduced mobility feel safer when traveling outside with All Terrain Cane.

The cane has 4 retractable spikes at the tip that provides more stability and assurance on all the various types of terrain in any climate. Since the spikes are already assembled onto the cane, there is no worry of incorrect installation, giving a sense of security to the user. The All Terrain Cane is a must for anyone who has reduced mobility but has an active lifestyle.


  • Height adjustable from 28.5" to 38.5"
  • Manufactured with sturdy, extruded aluminum tubing
  • No installation required and provides the best traction and stability
  • Other manufacturer's items require separate installation and are less safe
  • The retractable tip has 4 stainless steel spikes to provide a sturdy grip on slippery surfaces
  • To prevent damage to floors, gripping claw should only be used outdoors
  • Walk safely and confidently on virtually any surface.


  • Height: 30" - 39"
  • Weight Limit: 250 lbs.
  • Warranty Limited: Lifetime